Chicken Nugget's Staff Application

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Chicken Nugget's Staff Application

Post by Chicken Nugget on Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:43 pm

What is your Steam name?

Chicken Nugget

What is your in-game rp name (If Applicable)?

(I have none)

What is your SteamID? (Use: if you don't know it)


How old are you?


Do you currently have and use a microphone?

I do and I use it as much as I can.

How many hours do you have on our server? (Don't lie, we can and will check)

16 hours and 45 minutes.

Have you donated before?

I have donated for the $10 VIP

Do you have any other experience being staff on a server? If so, where?

I've had experience as staff of TTT, and I honestly don't recall any DarkRP, but I think I might've.

Why should we accept you to be staff? (At least a paragraph)

I'm an honest to god kind of guy. I don't like to spoil peoples fun and I never want that to happen. I always try to help people have a good time whether I'm bored or not I'll help them. When they're stuck with a job they don't know how to role play as or use I can help them with their problem or any delemma they have on the server so they have their best time on the server. I believe I'm great at handling people when they're really mad about someone, or if they're sad that they were for example RDMed. I would try my best to help them. If I do something wrong I try to appoligize sencerilly and I don't lie about things I've done to others in the game so I get off easy (if I get in a admin sit). I've never been pulled in a admin sit or broken any rules on the server and I don't plan to. I've made some friends on there server and I don't think anyone hates me. I hope to keep it that way all I want to do is help people and make friends. Either I get denied or accepted atleast I can make friends to be honest. I'm able to play from Eastern 4:30 - 12, but I wont be a no life so maybe 4:30-7


When there's someone who doesn't know how to play as a job I can help them. I've already helped someone with role playing as their job, but he got banned for RDM.

What would you do if someone comes on and kills someone but is new to DarkRP?

I would pull them in a sit and tell them "Please don't RDM, RDM is Random Death Match meaning you kill without a reason. You can kill in cases of, mugging, counter raiding, raiding, counter mugging, self defense, and others. You should also know about NLR New Life Rule where when you die you forget everything in your "past life" and start a new life along with not going to the point you died to you can't kill your murderer, but what you can do and it's recommended is go on with your life don't hold a grudge. If you have any question please talk to me or any other admins using @ (Your message here) If there are no admins on than go to the website and post on the forums. A member/admin will haply answer your question. I personally recommend watching a Youtube video on how to play DarkRP, or videos on people just playing RP. Also type !motd to check all the rules and restrictions. Seems like a lot? Well do this and you're have a lot of fun. Good day."

What would you do if someone exploited a glitch giving them invincibility or a ridiculous amount of money?

I would talk to them and say Why did you abuse this exploit and not report it to the staff, or the forums. Instead of doing that you abused it. Next I'd report on the forums and find a staff member that I can report to about the exploit, and if it was a money exploit I'd ask how much money did they have before the exploit and what ever they say I will take all their money away and give them the amount they had before, so it's like it never happened.

What would you do if someone broke NLR and understood the rules of DarkRP?

I would take them into a sit and talk to them about Why and if they've killed anyone. In the end I would warn them reason Breaking NLR and let the warn command do it's thing, but of course talk to other staff members about the situation.

What would you do if someone threatens to crash/DDoS the server?

I would ban them on the spot. Because the server has a strict policy against DDoSing and crashing it.

What would you do if you saw a staff member abusing their powers?

I would ask others if that admin has been abusing their powers. And maybe victims, but in the end I'd go right to the Staff Report Forums to right down in detail the admin abusing his powers.

Good day hope you accept me Smile

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