Rules of Bamboozled DarkRP

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Rules of Bamboozled DarkRP

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:14 am

(Please read before playing)
General Rules:

1. Have fun
2. Cooperate with staff
3. Follow all DarkRP rules
4. Do not abuse exploits or bugs (e.g. dupe glitches, ammo glitch, scripts)
5. Your health can not go above 150, you'll be warned if you're caught.
6. Don't evade staff punishment (rejoining after mute, leaving before ban)
7. Do not talk about DDoS'ing, Crashing, or hacking the server, even jokingly

DarkRP Rules:

1. Don't randomly kill/attack someone. (RDM - Random Death Match)
2. Follow NLR (New Life Rule)-Forgotten everything and can't return to that place of death for 3 min
3. No scamming
4. Don't RDA (Random Arrest)
5. No mic spamming, Radio hosts can use the mic as much as they want if they are near a microphone ent
6. No propminge of any kind
7. Max money that you can mug is $1,000, Max you can ask for in a kidnapping is $5,000
8. Do not fight for any reason in OOC.
9. Randomly demoting someone is not allowed and will result in a kick
10. Comply with admins, do not spam in @ chat, and if you need an admin use @, not OOC
11. You do have to advert when mugging/raiding/kidnapping/etc
12. Do not door spam

Building/Base Rules:

1. If you are building, put up a sign that says you are building, make sure it is visible
   • If you are building you cannot have raidable entities in your base (printers, shipments, etc.)
2. You are not allowed to raid someone who is building
3. Floating bases are not permitted, they must have some support structure
4. You cannot build on the street or sidewalk unless you are police building a checkpoint or other related structure or a hobo
5. Max 5 fading doors to enter the general space of your base/house
6. All fading doors must have a keypad or button visible near the door (no hidden keypads)
    • Fading doors must have a minimum time of 5 seconds
7. Do not build in someone else's base unless you have permission
8. Bases that require crouching to enter are not allowed
9. Don't fading door abuse (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)

New Life Rule:
1. New life rule states that upon death, everything specific to your last life is forgotten. You forget who killed you, where you were and why you died. You do not forget the location of your base, members of your party/base/gang, and any interactions with others that didn't relate to your death. You can not return to the location at which you died at for 3 minutes.
2. If you were killed outside of your base, you cannot return to that location for 3 minutes. Even after 3 minutes, you cannot seek revenge on others for your own death. If you died in a raid, you cannot return at all until the raid is over.
3. If you were killed inside of your base by accident, you may return immediately.
4. If you must travel through the location of your death, do so briskly. Do not linger or interact with others in this area until 3 minutes have passed, even if this interaction has nothing to do with your past death.

1. Metagaming is when you use out of character knowledge to roleplay. Do not use OOC chat to speak about in character things or vice versa.
2. Sounds are not metagaming (e.g. hearing him cooking meth or shooting inside his base is not metagaming)

Prop Abuse:
1. Do not prop climb or surf: Using props to gain access to areas otherwise unreachable is not allowed. You can use props to access areas you own, however these props must be permanent and nonfading. The origin, destination and any area in between must be owned by the player.
2. You cannot use props to accelerate travel across the map.
3. Do not prop kill: Using props to kill others, on purpose or by accident is not allowed.
4. Do not prop block: Do not use props to block off public pathways. Refer to basing rules for blocking off private pathways.
5. Do not prop spam: Do not spawn an excessive amount of props in an attempt to lag the server or trap others.

Raiding Rules:
1. You do have to advert when mugging/raiding/kidnapping/etc
2. Can only raid every 10 min same with mugging
3. Can not kill innocents or bystanders, just people in the building you are raiding
4. Raids last up to 10 min maximum
5. If you raid PD, you may KOS any officers inside or around the building, not any down the street or across the map

Basing/Building Rules:
1. You may put a "Building" sign up to protect you from raids
2. No entities (radio, printers, drug lab, etc) while building
3. Can only have up to 3 fading doors in for your base's main entrance
4. Keypads must have a hold length lasting at least 5 seconds
5. Gun dealers, BMD, General Store, cannot base with criminals

Job Rules:

Police Jobs
1. No RDA
2. No owning other buildings
3. No basing anywhere else besides Pd
4. You may not own printers, but you can do some illegal things but may be demoted for doing so.
5. No random weapon checking, can only weapon check with probable cause or if they are in PD/Checkpoint/Other gov't building
8. Don't shoot someone for having a gun out unless they point it at someone
9. During a lockdown, police can arrest any non-government officials that aren't hobos that are in public.
10. Do not metagame (Seeing weed plant clip through wall, hear illegal talk in OOC)
11. You must have a VALID reason to want/warrant someone
12. Don't arrest hobos for annoying you (bugbait, etc) without adverting warn 3 times

1. You cannot do illegal things.

Dealer Jobs: Gun Dealer, BMD, Drug Dealer, Medic
1. You do not have to sell to certain people or anybody if you don't want to, but may be demoted
2. Do not self-supply
-You may supply yourself a gun or two to protect yourself but buying shipments for you and your friends is self supply
3. No scamming
4. You cannot raid/mug/kidnap

1. You cannot kill the rival gang for no reason unless you declare war in /advert and they accept
2. Listen to your OG
3. You can mug/raid/kidnap

1. You may only raid to kill your target
2. No mugging

1. You can raid/mug/kidnap
2. Listen to the Don

1. Don't knock people out for no reason
2. You must own a base before knocking someone out and kidnapping them
3. You must (attempt to) bring anyone you knockout to your base
4. You do not have to advert kidnapping

Custom Jobs
1. You may raid, mug, pd raid, kidnap, and steal.


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