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Staff Application

Post by Alex is a stupid n word on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:30 pm

What is your Steam name? A: At the moment its Cool Goat B)

What is your in-game rp name A: Same as my account name. Make It Alex to be short.

What is your SteamID? A: STEAM_0:0:51017956

How old are you? A: 16

Do you currently have and use a microphone? A: Yes

How many hours do you have on our server? A: 17 hours

Have you donated before? A: No.

Do you have any other experience being staff on a server? If so where? A: Nah im looking to learn.

Why should we accept you to be staff? (At least a paragraph) A: Well im mostly chill and i listen a lot (lol thats kinda a lie unless you are like serious and you tell me to stop doing something) besides that i wouldnt abuse my powers really. Mostly for fun but i wont ruin the game for others. Thats just mean right there. Maybe i can get some rules on being an admin and what not to do a lot.


What would you do if someone comes on and kills someone but is new to DarkRP? A: I would warn them and tell them that you shouldnt just rdm people. (even though i do it sometimes) But with a serious tone i would tell them not to rdm.

What would you do if someone exploited a glitch giving them invincibility or a ridiculous amount of money? A: I would ask how this was done and then tell them to stop. The reason why i would ask them how it was done is because we obviously want this exploit gone and removed. If they didnt stop (sorry if this is too much) then i would have to take force into making them stop.

What would you do if someone broke NLR and understood the rules of DarkRP? A: Well i would warn them first. If they still break it again then i would have to take force just like the other situation.

What would you do if someone threatens to crash/DDoS the server? A: Give them a warning. (Idk if thats the way to go in this situation really)

What would you do if you saw a staff member abusing their powers? A: I would have to report this and maybe take measures into my own hands

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