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Staff Application

Post by Skeptical on Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:31 pm

What is your Steam name?
- My Steam name is Skeptical

What is your in-game rp name (If Applicable)?
- My in-game RP name is also Skeptical

What is your SteamID? (Use: if you don't know it)
- My steam-ID is STEAM_0:1:52779683

How old are you?
- I am 16 years of age

Do you currently have and use a microphone?
- Yes, I do have a mic and I do use it to make sexual sounds

How many hours do you have on our server? (Don't lie, we can and will check)
- I have around 2 hours or so? I'm not sure, but I do have around 800 hours TOTAL on RP servers. Maybe more bb <3

Have you donated before?
- Yes, but not to BamBoozleRP.

Do you have any other experience being staff on a server? If so, where?
- I have experience on a TTT Server, AuroraTTT. I also have staff experience on Cutting Edge RP Server

Why should we accept you to be staff? (At least a paragraph)
- You should accept me because I can stick it in da butt. lol!  I can help the server grow to the most amount of people by being a friendly staff member. I also have experience in ULX commands so I would not need any assistance in that general area. I'm a friendly staff member and I dislike admins/mods whatever else that abuse there powers, so you will never find me in that position as part of the staff team! I would like to help out the community to whatever it needs for example helping with addons, helping maintain the server, adding jobs to the server, etc.

--- Situations ---

What would you do if someone comes on and kills someone but is new to DarkRP?
- I would give them a VERBAL warning, but next time it happens I will warn them if they do not have an RP Explanation of why they RDM'd another player.

What would you do if someone exploited a glitch giving them invincibility or a ridiculous amount of money?
- I would ask them to stop using the exploit glitch and have them drop all the money they earned, and if it happens again, they will receive a permanent ban!

What would you do if someone broke NLR and understood the rules of DarkRP?
- I would ask them why they broke NLR, and if they respond I will warn them for NLR because they clearly knew about what NLR is and how it works so therefore it was intentional!

What would you do if someone threatens to crash/DDoS the server?
- If someone were to threaten the server I would instant Teleport to them and give them a perma ban cause we dont want no goobies here!

What would you do if you saw a staff member abusing their powers?[/b][/center]
- If one of the staff members were abusing their powers I would message, tell an upper staff member about the situation, and have the Super/admin decide on the consequences!


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